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Package Information


Looking for multiple consults? This packages initial and follow-up consults for ongoing support. Great for athletes during specific parts of their seasons and/or upcoming races, through to weekend warriors for entry-level accountability (and everyone in between).

What's Included?

  • Free access to the CGN Library

  • Email contact between consults

  • Bundles of Initial and Follow-up Consults

    • 3 Month: 1 x Initial Consult + 2 x Follow Up Consults

    • 6 Month: 1 x Initial Consult + 5 x Follow Up Consults

    • 9 Month: 1 x Initial Consult + 8 x Follow Up Consults


3-Month - $137.00 per month

6-Month - $120.00 per month

9-Month - $114.00 per month

NOTE: Additional services are available to add on to these packages. Packages can be extended as required.


TERMS: 3- & 6-month package consults every 4-6 weeks (completed within a calendar 3 & 6 months respectively). 9-month package able to be extended up to a calendar 12-month year. Early discharge fees apply (see Ts and Cs).

ELITE PACKAGE (No current availability until mid 2024)

This is a new, but exciting package added to the CGN option. Here we have a premium option to support both athletes and weekend warriors with in-depth nutrition education, monitoring and support.

What is included?

  • Weekly check-ins, accountability, and ongoing support – Via App or Messenger.

  • Free access to the CGN Library

  • Free access to the Nourish or Athos App

  • Additional Services included (if appropriate).

  • Monthly one-on-one follow-up appointments (optional add-on)

    • 10% off if casually booked.

  • 10% off Initial Consult (includes free onboarding process)

  • Long-term sign-up bonuses and flexibility available (>6 months).



Elite Package - $39.00 per week*

Elite Package + Follow-Up Consults - $55.00 per week*

*after the initial consult and onboarding process


TERMS: Minimum Sign-Up Period of 12 Weeks. Automatic payments through Go Cardless. Early Cancellation Fee - 50% of remaining weekly payments (up to 12 weeks).



The CGN library is an online portal for up-to-date nutrition-related factsheets, resource and even video content to help provide ongoing information as we develop and/or find it.


Members will have access to be able to download, view and learn at their pleasure.


This is also an ongoing development space, so if you (as members) want any written resource or information that we don’t already have available, not only will we provide this personally in the interim (within reason) but also develop content to add to this Library.




Nourish and Athos are apps we use to support our clients with recipe and meal ideas. With our experience at CGN, we believe that the value we bring to you isn’t producing recipes. A better use of our time is to stay up to date with current research, understand your health concerns and support you as a client based on that.


So, what we have done is partnered up with this NZ-based app to help you with what many clients expect from us. These apps (with our input) will help you match meal options with your calorie/macro targets, and build you a shopping list. We can build these to help support you with a couple of meals (ie lunch and dinners), or all of your meals.


Both apps also have a supportive function. The main one is check-ins which will be tailored to your needs, as well as a messaging function to easily stay in contact without flooding your email inbox – as we all know things get lost.


The best thing is we can add in meals for family and friends so we can also support them.


We use Nourish with clients that have relatively consistent weeks.

We use Athos with our athlete population with changing schedules, with more detail with pre-, during- and post-training options, and how to eat for different days.

This decision will be discussed with you during our initial consultation.


For more information visit:

Nourish –

Athos* -

*Note: Athos not available until after late October

Unsure of the service you need? Contact a CGN clinician and we can discuss what is going to be the best for you or your team.
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