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Conrad Goodhew

Accredited Sport Dietitian

NZRD. SDA. DipBS. BAppSci. MDiet (Dist)

Since the age of 4, I have been playing sport. I have participated in everything from rugby and cricket to squash and golf – all at provincial and international representative level. On top of this I love the outdoors where I surf and dive (among everything else). Throughout my journey, I have used theory from University where I have utilised and understood this to benefit my own career. I understand the pressures that sportsmen and women go through, both physiological and psychological, and I have the ability to put myself in your shoes as I have been through it too.


Over the past few years I have worked with young rugby players, track and field athletes, endurance athletes and ultra runners - I am currently employed by a professional sports organisation as well as working with paid individual athletes. The importance of having been a sports person gives me an understanding that cannot be learned from a book.


Not all my clients are performance athletes, as I work with a number of weekend warriors and the general public that are trying to be the best version of themselves. I have worked with clinical issues from T1DM, GI issues, intolerance, weight loss/gain, food-related anxiety and depression. My drive at the moment is to start changing the way the industry sees clients as more than just a 'quick fix' for marketing and driving sustainable change to inspire generations to follow.


I don’t sugar coat anything (pun intended) and will give you the best advice I can offer with a significant amount of empathy. I will help you change lifelong habits for you to meet both short-term and long-term goals. I will consider barriers, potential problems, and eating and exercise history to motivate you to be the best person you can be – whether that is sports performance or general health and well-being. Change is easy, its just knowing what is the best way for you.

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