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Terms and Conditions

1. The practitioner (dietitian) agrees to maintain integrity and morals that best serve the client. The practitioner agrees to set a clear work recommendations at the end of the consult, and it is up to the client to work on these.

2. We are unable to do physical exams (aside from anthropometric - skinfolds). If you require medical attention please see your GP. Recommendations are for you as the individual and are not designed to diagnose or treat another individual.

3. The client is responsible for creating and implementing their own physical, mental and emotional well-being, decisions, choices, actions and results.

4. The client will need to make their own notes and the practitioner will only provide a short summary (and factsheets) as required.

5. All prices and packages are at the discretion of Conrad Goodhew NZRD Ltd. If a service is not applicable to you, a discussion will be had with both parties ensuring the best option for all.

6. An initial consult is a charged consult. The amount will be determined post session based on the plan required. For all information about services, please visit

7. Payment is due on the day of the consult for in-person appointments. For Telehealth appointments, an invoice will be sent and due within 7 days. Late fees may apply.

8. For patients under 18 years of age at the initial consult. Consent must be given by a caregiver through email prior to this session.

9. There may be times where a nutrition, dietitian, or medical student will be sitting in on a consult. They are bound by a confidentiality agreement, and CGN will ensure to uphold privacy and integrity. This will be corresponded with you prior to the consult and are able to decline if you do not feel comfortable.

Bundle Package Ts and Cs

Please note additional terms for those who agree to an advanced package at the initial consult.


10. The client is to ensure they have booked in for a consult each month, and will allocate the time required to attend these sessions frequently.

11. The cost and duration for the package is verbally finalised and confirmed at the end of the initial consult, and will appear on the initial consult invoice (with the discounted rate)


12. The duration of the advanced package will be for the duration of the bundle (unless otherwise agreed on).

  • 3 sessions = 3 months

  • 6 sessions = 6 months

  • 9 sessions = 12 months


13. If a client is to self-discharge early from any package - an early fee may apply. 

Late Cancellation and No Shows

Due to the nature of nutrition services, there is a strict 24h cancellation policy. Please notify the Sport Clinic directly (03 3 660 660) of any changes that need to be made your appointment. Please do not contact your clinician regarding appointment changes, fees may apply if done so. Telehealth appointments are available as a last minute alternative.


1. Late cancellations within 24 hours will occur in a $80 fee if not rebooked, and $40 fee if rebooked. Discretionary fee reduction may apply. 

2. Consults are deemed missed after 10 minutes from scheduled start time. A missed consult with no notice prior to the consult will occur a full casual consult fee charge ($215 for Initial Consult, $109 for follow up).

3. If a client is discharged from a monthly package for breaching these terms, all late cancellation or no show fees will be in addition to early monthly package discharge fees.

4. A client will not be rebooked or rescheduled if they no show, and/or late cancel more than 2 times. They will be discharged from nutrition services and packages with associated fees.

5. A text reminder will go out 24h prior to the appointment. Please ensure you have your consult time accurately scheduled in your diary when booking.

6. If a pre-paid package is externally funded - the client may use one of their paid consults, or pay the standard late cancellation fee.

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