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We are registered dietitians and nutritionists, so your health insurance policy may cover this. Unsure if your health insurance is covered and want to use this? Please send your policy to us and we can look to confirm.


An initial consultation is a vital part of your nutrition journey. Whether you are after a one-off or as part of a package, the initial consultation is essential for our understanding of you as an individual for us to create a nutrition strategy that is personalised to you.


This is why we always have an initial consultation before we decide on what service package is appropriate for you.

What to expect in the initial consultations

  • An in-depth review covering basic weight history, medical history, supplement use, living situation, exercise regime and diet history.

  • Goal setting and a nutrition plan to educate and 'connect the dots' based on the review.

  • After the consult, you will receive an email overview of what was discussed, as well as a 101 nutrition guide and appropriate resource/factsheets.

How long is the consultation?

Initial consultations normally take 45 minutes but sometimes can take up to an hour, depending on each individual's needs. We allow time if this does go over the allocated 45-minute slot.

What about a follow-up consultation?

As much as I would like to give you all the advice you need to meet your goals in one session, it is important to understand that nutrition intervention is complex, and further investigation may be required. Follow-ups are an important part of the process to review what went well, and what things were difficult, as this helps you to understand what the best method is and focus for you to move forward. We will discuss package and follow up options at the end of the initial consult, but we do encourage you have a bit of a think what you may need before then.​



This is a review to assess and adapt any previous recommendations from an initial consultation or another follow-up consultation.

How long is the follow-up consultation?

A standard follow-up consultation takes 20-25 minutes. We do have extended follow-up consults (40-50 minutes) for those who want more time with their clinician or for more complex cases.

Please let the clinician or reception know when booking if you require an extended consult.

What if I am a returning client, but haven't seen someone in a while?

If nothing has drastically changed in your life, a follow-up consult will be sufficient. If you have moved house, changed job/lifestyle or a medical/clinical event has occurred, we suggest booking an extended follow-up consult. We also suggest, if it has been more than 12 months since your last appointment with us to book an extended follow-up.


If you are unsure, please get in contact with your clinician and we can suggest the best option.


All services are in addition to either an initial or follow-up consultation. Please indicate if you are interested in these services when booking (or completing the onboarding survey) to ensure we allow adequate time.


Race Plan - $60.00
These plans can be an asset when specifying nutrition timings for your specific race and goal pace. This individualised approach solidifies your race-day nutrition.


NOTE: Price may increase due to the length and complexity of race. Price per race.


Meal Outline - $60.00
This is an outline of the target food groups and calories (if applicable) to be targeted based on your training and life schedule


NOTE: Price may increase due to the length and complexity of the week structure. This is not a structured calorie matched meal plan, but offers suggestions to support your weekly training structure and meal timings.

Anthropometry Assessment - $30.00
ISAK-certified 8-point skinfold assessment. Considered the gold standard in body composition measurements.


We believe that anthropometry is only valuable for a small portion of the athletic population. If we believe this is not appropriate for you we will make this clear in the consult.


We also do not offer this as a stand-alone service, as we believe at CGN that it is an assessment too, not a nutrition intervention tool. This MUST be alongside an initial or follow-up consult.

NOTE: Additional services are available free as part of the elite monthly package. For casual and advanced packages these are able to be purchased in addition to. Bundle discussions are open for discussion. Available in-person only.

Unsure of the service you need? Contact a CGN clinician and we can discuss what is going to be the best for you or your team.
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