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Introducing Jimi Hunt - Mental Health Speaker and Author.

Remember the worlds longest water slide? Yeah that was Jimi's idea. He also lilo'd the Waikato river, all to change the way we think of mental health. The thing is, Jimi focus's on 'mental fitness', the ability to deal with the things that life throws at you, rather than mental illness. 

The beautiful thing with this discussion is it is not just about mental health, it is the basic principles that are required to underpin anything that you need to be the best version of yourself - this can be used in so many different areas of our lives. 

Jimi has just released a new book "Inside Out",  and is currently touring NZ to give FREE talks on Mental Fitness. I highly suggest you take the opportunity to see him at a location close to you. 

Connect with Jimi on: @thejimihunt (IG), Jimi Hunt (Fb), (Web).

Connect with me: @conradgoodhewnutrition (IG), Conrad Goodhew NZRD (Fb)

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Introducing Shaun Owen - Sport Scientist.

Shaun is an extremely intelligent individual obtaining his PhD while working full time in a professional sports environment. I didn't know what sport science was before I met Shaun, however, it was one of the best opportunities I have had to force me to scrub up in my field, as Shaun will challenge you to grow!

In this podcast, we dive into training loads, ice baths, sleep, and how to get the most out of your training. This is an awesome episode for athletes and weekend warriors alike. 

Connect with Shaun on: @sa.shaun (IG), Linkedin (in)

Connect with me: @conradgoodhewnutrition (IG), Conrad Goodhew NZRD (Fb)

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Introducing Reece McCaffrey - Business Owner plus Mindset and Physical Coach

Plus a whole lot of personal training awards along the way. 


Reece is a good friend of mine, with extremely similar personal and business values. Working out of his gym is more than just renting an office space, it is being part of a family with him and his team. 

In this podcast we dive into the mistakes we have made in this space and the way we work with people to get the best out of their training and life. 


Connect with Reece on: @reecemccaffreycoach (IG), @recreateperformance (IG), Recreate Performance Christchurch (Fb), and (Web). 

Connect with me: @conradgoodhewnutrition (IG), Conrad Goodhew NZRD (Fb)

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Introducing Robbie Salton: 2019 NZ's U102kg Men's Weightlifting Campion.

"Discipline and consistency is the key to being a professional athlete"

Born in North Canterbury, he has grown a passion for strength and conditioning, now making that his career. Further than that, we hope to see him on the world stage soon. 

Connect with Robbie on Instagram @robsalton

Connect with me: @conradgoodhewnutrition (IG), Conrad Goodhew NZRD (Fb)

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Introducing Tony Fruean: The happiest man I know. 

"Smile, it's not illegal"

Born in Savai'i, Samoa, Tony moved to NZ at the age of 19. He had to overcome a language and cultural barrier to now make NZ his home. He is a testament to the term 'humble beginnings' and puts a different perspective on how to see the world. 

Connect with Tony on Instagram @makaiva_

Connect with me: @conradgoodhewnutrition (IG), Conrad Goodhew NZRD (Fb)

Episode 1 - Introduction.jpg


Today's topic is an introduction to who I am, what drove me to work in this space and where my passion lies in the future. 

Conrad Goodhew Nutrition (CGN) represents performance dietetics for both athletes and weekend warriors as we need to perform not just for activity, but also for life. This encompasses physical, social and mental health so we will have in-depth discussions with individuals how they balance all 3 pillars. 

With clients, I am not just a dietitian who focuses on food. I am often a counsellor, a support person, and just an ear for them to offload on their daily struggles. 

In this podcast, I will be talking with clients, athletes, colleagues, and just mates on everything physical and mental health. 

'Conrad Goodhew Nutrition' on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and the Web. 

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