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3 or 6 Month Package

The benefit of this program

It is important to understand that nutrition is not a 1 stop shop. As much as I would love to get it perfect in the initial consultation, it is one of the only professions where you don't receive physical treatment or a tangible object. Nutrition is something that needs a trial and error approach, which is why regular contact is so important. We have to assess what went well, what things were difficult and then adapt your plan to suit your current lifestyle.

Nutrition is the balance of the Physical, Mental and Social pillars of who you are as an individual. Your plan should fit around your life, not your life fit around your plan.

This is why I refuse to do meal plans - nutrition is for long term change, not a cookie-cutter quick fix.

Who is this program useful for?

Athletes with upcoming races or training blocks to assist in recovery, adaptation and performance.

The everyday individual who exercises and wants to get the most from their training and/or races.

Those with medical-related issues, such as (but not limited to) IBS, Crohn's, nutritional related injury management. Talk with Conrad with what may be applicable to you.

What to expect from these programs?

An initial consultation

Follow-up every month following (for the duration of your program)

Fortnightly check-ins (via email, text or WhatsApp

Unlimited email contact

Additional services such as; race-plan, meal outlines or anthropometry (if applicable)

Access to resources and additional information (if applicable)

Follow the buttons below for more information

What do I need to do prior to the initial consultation?

Complete the initial survey and agree to the Ts & Cs - all will be provided.

Book a consult using the link provided with the survey - indicate whether it is in person or online - both are available.

Fill out the diet history provided with the survey for the week (or days) prior to the consultation and send that to Conrad or bring it to the consult.

If you have any recent medical documents, blood test results, or training programs bring these with you. These can be helpful (but are not essential) in assisting with the accuracy of the assessment and therefore the recommendations made for you.

What is the cost?

3+ Month: $155 p/m (minimum of 3 months)

*value of up to $220 per month

6+ Month: $140 p/m (minimum of 6 months)

*value of up to $200 per month

Ready to book?

Use the link below to email Conrad to get the information you require before you book. If you are unsure which package is best suited to your needs, use the 'book a call' link to access a 10-minute phone call with Conrad - free of charge.

After something a bit simpler?

Check out the accountability program. Lower price point with a more self-driven approach.

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