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Initial Consultation

Who is an initial consultation for?

Those that have a good understanding of nutrition and want a 'check-up'


Our first point of contact for more in-depth nutrition assistance as part of the 3 or 6-month program. 

An initial consultation is a vital part of your nutrition journey. Whether you are after a one-off or as part of a package, the initial consultation is essential for my understanding of you as an individual for me then to create a nutrition strategy that is personalised to you.

What to expect in the initial consultation

An in-depth review covering weight history, medical history, supplement use, living situation, exercise regime and diet history.

Goal setting and a nutrition plan to educate and 'connect the dots' based on the review.

 After the consult, you will receive a 1-page overview of what was discussed, as well as any other documents that would be applicable in assisting you to meet your goals.

What do I need to do prior to the consultation?

Complete the initial survey and agree to the Ts & Cs - all will be provided.

Book a consult using the link provided with the survey - indicate whether it is in person or online - both are available.

Fill out the diet history provided with the survey for the week (or days) prior to the consultation and send that to Conrad or bring it to the consult.

If you have any recent medical documents, blood test results, or training programs bring these with you. These can be helpful (but are not essential) in assisting with the accuracy of the assessment and therefore the recommendations made for you.

How long is the consultation?

Initial consultations normally take 45 minutes but sometimes can take up to an hour, depending on each individual's needs. We allow time if this does go over the allocated 45-minute slot.

What is the cost?

Casual initial consultation: $189


Included in the 3-, 6-month, and pay upfront packages.

Cost does not include services such as race plans, meal outlines or anthropometry measurements. See below for more information on these services.

What about a follow-up consultation?

As much as I would like to give you all the advice you need to meet your goals in one session, it is important to understand that nutrition is a work in process. Follow-ups are an important part of the process to review what went well, and what things were difficult, as this helps you to understand what is the best method and focus for you to move forward.

Follow-up consultations are part of the 3-, 6-month, and pay upfront packages. They are also available for casual clients on a pay per appointment plan.

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