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Follow Up Consult Information

A follow up consult is a crucial part of the nutrition process, it is the time to review what has worked and what hasn't. To get the most out of this session, have a look at some 'to dos' below.

1. Make sure you are booked in


Ideally we would have already booked you in, however, if you clinician has asked you to book in a time please do this ASAP. There are times we can get booked out for weeks in advanced so the sooner you get onto this, the more opportunity you will have to get a time that suits best.

If you are booking a Telehealth appointment, please select "Dietitian Video/Phone Initial Consultation"


2. Review your consult notes and 'to do' list


Knowing what the clinician has asked you to do is good prep for an in-depth discussion. Many clients can end up losing focus on what we want them to do, so by checking in on this list is a great way to trial what they have asked of you. This will create a good conversation around what works and what hasn't for you.


This is something we encourage you to do both after the consult and before the follow up appointment (at a minimum).

3. Bring questions or a diary to review


Your clinician should have encouraged you to do some sort of reporting. Below are some templates that you can use to note down your eating intake to both raise awareness of what you are doing, but also how food is effecting you both physically and mentally.

Have a think about key areas, or questions, you want to discuss at this appointment. Feel free to email these directly to your clinician prior to the consult so they can be prepared.

1-Week Food Diary: This is a standard weekly food diary that we use with most clients. This is a great tool to review the week as a whole, and how food impacted you. Please note down times of meals, and also detail in the 'how you feel' section. This is also a useful tool to plan the week ahead and review daily (many use different coloured pens for what they plan to do vs what they did do).

Daily Review Sheet: This is a more in-depth of analysis of your day to day patterns. This includes a review out of 10 for different elements, and is a great way to reflect at the end of every day.

Adult Sticker Chart: This is a great tool to really put those daily habits at the front of mind. Here you can note down 4-7 habits that you can achieve every day, and you can see how often you are constantly doing this. It takes 66 days (on average) to achieve a habit, so this is a great way to be positive about the process.

1-Week Food Diary

Daily Review Sheet

Adult Sticker Chart

Cancellation Policy 


Due to the nature of nutrition services, there is a strict 24h cancellation policy. Please notify the Sport Clinic directly (03 3 660 660) of any changes that need to be made your appointment. Please do not contact your clinician regarding appointment changes, fees may apply if done so. Telehealth appointments are available as a last minute alternative.

1. Late cancellations within 24 hours will occur in a $80 fee if not rebooked, and $40 fee if rebooked. Discretionary fee reduction may apply.

2. Consults are deemed missed after 10 minutes from scheduled start time. A missed consult with no notice prior to the consult will occur a full casual consult fee charge ($215 for Initial Consult, $109 for follow up).

Click here to review all Ts and Cs

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