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The Conrad Goodhew Nutrition (CGN) Academy is the community platform that is designed to both educate and support you on this nutrition journey - with other like minded individuals. Whether you are an elite athlete or a someone that exercises for the enjoyment, the translation of evidence based science in the form of palatable advice will help support you on what ever journey you may be on. Nutrition is not only education about food, but also how it supports our lives.

All income from the CGN Academy will be donated to support Ukraine 🇺🇦

I will donate all income I receive from the academy from the start until May 31st. This will mean that I will cover all overheads too.


Donations will go to World Central Kitchen to support them in providing meals for refugees fleeing from Ukraine.


Hear their stories following #ChefsForUkraine (

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Start your free trial


$12 per week


$45 per month

Get free access for the duration when you sign up for an advanced or elite package.

*currently billed in USD equivalent due to the availability of the platform ($8 and $30 respectively).

What do you get?

  • A Nutrition 101 foundations course

  • Evidence based resource library covering:

    • General nutrition,

    • Nutrition for performance,

    • Supplements,

    • Nutritional mindset, and much more...

  • Fortnightly mini topics and live QnA

  • Weekly recipes

  • Ongoing goal review and support

  • Accountability groups

  • Forum Discussions with registered professionals

  • Access to bi-monthly seminars


All within a community setting of like minded individuals to connect and support each other.

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