What other services do we offer?

All services are in addition to either an initial or follow-up consult. Please indicate if you need these services prior to booking to ensure we allow adequate time.

Race Plans: from $50 (price finalised upon length and complexity of race)
These plans can be an asset when specifying nutrition timings for your specific race and goal pace. This individualised approach solidifies your race-day nutrition.


Meal Outlines: from $50 (price finalised upon the complexity required)
This is an outline of the target food groups and calories (if applicable) to be targeting based on your training and life schedule.

Anthropometry Assessment: $30
ISAK certified skinfold assessment. Considered the gold standard in body composition measurements.


NOTE: these services are available as part of monthly packages.


What services do we not usually offer?

Structured meal plans: There is no such thing as one size fits all nutritional recommendations. We will not tell you what to eat and when—as this is a traditional cookie-cutter approach where instead we focus on education for sustainable change.

Blood or hair follicle testing: There is still not enough evidence to warrant this as a viable source to base nutritional recommendations on.

Explore our other services:


Beginner / Casual

Perfect for those that just need to check-in and drive their own journey, with casual support.



Looking for accountability and to commit to your nutrition? This is the perfect package for you.



For those athletes (and non-athletes) that need help to support their weeks and/or upcoming events.