Accountability Program

Why the accountability program?

Compared to the monthly package, this is a price-point option. It is driven by you, where you bring to our consult a completed diet history and other questions for us to set goals based on what was discussed in the consult.

It is a regular catch up to ensure that you are maximising your nutrition to assist your life long goals.

Who is this program for?

Anyone who is willing to invest time into making themselves better.

Those who have a good grip on nutrition and just need regular 'touch-ups'.

Athletes to ensure they are maximising their nutrition for their goals, especially with different seasons.

Those that have completed a 3 or 6-month program and are after support that doesn't require as much contact going forward.

How does this program work?

The first consult will be a shortened 'initial consult' where we will discuss your goals, training patterns, and any other relevant information that can affect your nutrition progress. You will receive a nutrition 101 document to get you started and relevant factsheets so you can self drive your nutrition.

Thereafter, we will have 20 minute consults every 4 weeks to review a diet history, reset goals and discuss any potential issues.

What do I need to do prior to the first consultation?

Complete the initial survey and agree to the Ts & Cs - all will be provided.

Book a consult using the link provided with the survey - indicate whether it is in person or online - both are available.

Fill out the diet history provided with the survey for the week (or days) prior to the consultation and send that to Conrad or bring it to the consult.

If you have any recent medical documents, blood test results, or training programs bring these with you. These can be helpful (but are not essential) in assisting with the accuracy of the assessment and therefore the recommendations made for you.

What is the cost?

$90 p/m (minimum of 3 months required)

Fortnightly and 6-weekly catch-ups can be discussed.

When is this plan not suitable?

If you have a medical condition that needs nutritional treatment, I suggest a monthly plan with is a more in-depth learning experience with regular contact. 4-weeks is a good amount of time to go away and practice nutritional strategies; however, it is also a long time if you are doing it incorrectly or things may not be going to plan.


This plan doesn't include additional services.

Ready to book?

Use the link below to email Conrad to get the information you require before you book. If you are unsure which package is best suited to your needs, use the 'book a call' link to access a 10-minute phone call with Conrad - free of charge.